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We are so excited that the Fedora Podcast is a part of the TuxDigital network as a collaborative effort to spread the word about all things Fedora!

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The Fedora Podcast takes a massive amount of effort to pull off, and we have lots of people to thank! So many, that they deserve their own page.


  • The Fedora Project is the only reason this Podcast exists. A huge thank you to every contributor, maintainer, and user of Fedora.
  • Thanks to on air hosts, present and future.
  • Thanks to everyone who helps out at

Audio stuff

  • The openSUSE Jitsi server, where we record. Thanks for giving us a well run open source video conference!
  • Pulsecaster, which we record on, is made by none other than a previous Fedora Project Leader, Paul Frields!
  • Good old Audacity, one of the best Open Source audio editors out there, is where we edit.
  • Our beautiful music is from Tricknology